Maximize Your Leadership Success

Identify the unconscious behaviors that sabotage your good intentions and prevent you from leading with authentic confidence and integrity. Choose to be better.
We don’t train leaders.

We develop them.

Tired of leadership training programs that focus on “skills'' which wear out quickly and are easily forgotten? With Mindful Choice Leadership Academy, you’ll become more aware of your interactions, more intentional with your leadership, and more conscious of the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that drive your long-term leadership success.

Tap Into Your Ego.
Let it work for you, not against you. Be the leader you want to be.
Change, for good.
Mindful Choice breeds and creates change. Intention creates change. Choose to change.
Not another training course.
Thought-provoking videos & activities that bridge logic and soft-skills into a simple application for immediate results.
I just want to say thank you for today’s workshop. This training is helping me become a better person and the leader that I want to be.”
West Hills Community College
Christie’s videos are easy to watch. They instantly make you think. I liked the challenge of writing your thoughts and feelings down. I always assume my team knows how I feel but it was fun to share it and engage in that conversation with them.”
Sales Representative,
Modern Approach
Benefits for
Current and Upcoming Leaders
  • Maximize your leadership success and inspire your entire team to win.
  • Reduce drama and communicate more effectively by identifying the unconscious behaviors, beliefs, and mindsets that often sabotage your good intentions.
  • Be more intentional with your thoughts, actions and behaviors so you can lead with confidence.
  • Address superiors, peers, and direct reports with authentic confidence and share your wisdom with integrity.
  • Learn to confidently delegate, hold people accountable, and give productive feedback that inspires real results.
The Leadership Circle ProfileTM Allows individuals, teams and fast growing organizations to gain knowledge about the unconscious behaviors, beliefs, and mindsets that directly affect leadership style. This tool is not another personality test, it offers a clear visual of the participants current impact, and helps them see what they do, why they do it and how they can change. It creates undeniable self-awareness and ownership that creates immediate change.

*The Leadership Circle ProfileTM is created and owned by The Leadership Circle®.

What's Included?

  • Unlimited Access for a Year to the Full Digital Academy
  • Leadership Circle Profile™ - 360° Assessment and Development Plan
  • 50+ Insightful and Impactful Videos
  • Hardcopy Workbook with Hundreds of Activities to Maximize Your Success
  • Immediate Access to Mindful MotivationsTM Daily Texts
  • Personal Invitation to Live Monthly Q&A Calls
  • ​​Membership Into the Mindful Choice Community
$2499 one-time -or- 10 payments of $279

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Christie Garcia is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, and the Founder of Mindful Choice. After ten years within the walls of corporate business, working as a recruiter and in sales management in the healthcare industry, Christie increasingly grew frustrated watching talented individuals be promoted to management and fail to reach their leadership potential.

Christie realized that it was time to ditch the “old training model” and create programs focused on developing leadership effectiveness. She now seeks to reintroduce the human element into leadership development and immediately make an unignorable, positive impact on a person’s overall potential.

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